3 Benefits of Our Car Roof Toppers

We’ve talked extensively about the usage and importance of car roof toppers (or “magnetic car hats” or "magnetic roof toppers") when it comes to automotive service products for dealerships and repair facilities. What you might not know is that Gam Enterprises offers the largest selection of car identification products, with the highest quality options available at the best prices. 

Here are 3 benefits of utilizing our exclusive 3-sided roof toppers: 

1. High-Quality Products 

We maintain the highest standards in the design and construction of our automotive service products, which means everything from the materials we use to the configuration of the item helps optimize efficiency and productivity within a business. 

Our magnetic car hats are made with high-quality plastic and strong, covered magnets to ensure that there’s no direct metal-to-metal contact between the toppers and vehicles— all of our auto service supplies are designed with that same attention to detail. 

2. Unbeatable Value

Despite meeting that level of quality, our automotive service products are competitively priced. Our 3-sided roof toppers to be accessible for any budget. They are stackable and able to accommodate up to 3 plastic flags.  

We’re known best for our extensive selection of durable, long-lasting auto service supplies. Unless the items are made to be disposable, our products can serve your dealership or repair facility for years to come. 

3. A Variety of Options 

We’re the best in the business when it comes to variety. Our exclusive 3-sided roof toppers are available in 15 different colors, with the option to match them with our plastic key paddles for optimum recognition. Choose from plain, unmarked toppers with no magnets, and magnetic car hats with or without decals. 

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Gam Enterprises’ auto service supplies set the standard for quality, value and variety. View our full collection of products that were made for streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency in automotive dealerships and facilities. 

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