Our Recommendations for Auto Service Supplies to Keep Cars Clean

Protecting customers’ cars while they’re in your care should be a top priority— that’s why there are a number of auto service supplies available to avoid dirt, grease and other blemishes in the shop. 

Here are our recommendations for automotive service products that are a necessity to ensure a vehicle’s cleanliness: 

Paper and Plastic Floor Mats 

Floor mats are one of the most essential auto service supplies in the industry. Paper floor mats are standard, but if you’re working in an environment where employees might be tracking excess liquids or grease on their shoes, plastic floor mats (or poly-backed paper floor mats) will ensure an extra layer of protection, as liquids won’t penetrate or damage the material. 

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheels are another common touch point in automotive shops, making them vulnerable to grime and hygienic compromises. Mechanics commonly turn to steering wheel slipcovers to ensure protection of the entire steering wheel while handling the vehicle. There are also fitted elastic steering wheel covers and steering wheel wraps that offer a similar defense, but cover the outer rim rather than the whole wheel. 

Plastic Seat Covers 

Plastic car seat covers offer the ultimate protection when it comes to a vehicle's interior, which makes them one of the most-used automotive service products. Depending on your usage, you can choose from standard weight plastic car seat covers, heavyweight plastic seat covers or economy weight— all three eliminate slipping and sliding and are tear and puncture-resistant. 

The Best Selection of Auto Service Supplies Available

When deciding on which automotive service products to purchase, it’s important to consider which will be best for your shop’s specific needs. Paper floor mats might not cut it if you’re tracking grease and other liquids into the vehicle— poly-backed paper floor mats (or “plastic floor mats”) are likely your best bet. 

Steering wheel slipcovers suit some services, but fitted steering wheel covers might be best if you’re constantly moving vehicles around. Depending on your usage, standard plastic seat covers might not offer the same protection as heavy-duty plastic car seat covers.  

Whatever you decide is best for your business, Gam Enterprises has car protection products for every need. View our entire selection here

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