3 Crucial Items Every Automotive Repair Facility Needs on Hand

Every automotive repair facility depends on customer reviews and referrals to stay in business. There are many factors that go into getting a good review and avoiding bad reviews. Having competitive pricing, diagnosing, and repairing the vehicle correctly are usually the customers top concerns, but there are many underlying factors that affect customer reviews as well. 

Some of the top complaints customers have after picking their vehicle up according to a Consumer Reports survey are:

  1. High prices
  2. Not fixing the vehicle correctly
  3. Not repairing the vehicle on time

One through three on this list are up to your pricing, time management, and having a well trained staff. Number four on this list is usually caused by not stocking the proper car protection items for your team.

Here are 3 crucial car protection items every car repair facility should keep on hand:

Paper Floor Mats

Paper floor mats prevent dirt and grime from getting on the floor mats of your customers' vehicles. These can be simple standard paper floor mats or you can even order them with custom designs.

Steering Wheel Slip Covers

Any employee that drives a customers vehicle has to touch the steering wheel. Just like paper floor mats prevent oil, dirt, and grime from getting on your customers' floor mats, steering wheel slip covers protect your customers' steering wheel from germs and mechanics' grease while handling their vehicle. 

Plastic Car Seat Covers

It is very easy for a technician to not realize he or she has oil or grease on their clothing and accidentally stain the seat of a customers vehicle. Plastic car seat covers protect the seats of the vehicles you are servicing and prevent this from happening. 

Gam Enterprises carries a full line of car protection items. If your business needs any of the items on this list visit our website!

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