Cost Savings Created with Vehicle Walkaround Worksheets

If you own or manage a car repair shop, car rental company, or dealership then most likely at some point in time you have had a customer complain about damage to their vehicle. Another common complaint is not having all the service issues they brought their vehicle in for addressed. These complaints are easy to avoid by using vehicle walkaround worksheets.

Benefits of Using Walk Around Worksheets

There are many reasons you should always be using a walk around sheet every time a customers visits your repair facility. Walkaround sheets same time, money and also ensure that the proper repair is going to be made.

Prevent Damage Claims

When a customer visits your business it's important to note any and all damage to their vehicle prior to any employee taking control of the customers vehicle. Walkaround worksheets are documents where all the scratches, dings, dents and other damage on the vehicle can be clearly noted so both you and the customer are clear on any damage the vehicle has before it enters your business.

Fix It Right the First Time  

Another common complaint in car repair facilities is not having all the problems they brought their vehicle in for addressed. Service walkaround worksheets allow the service writer or technician to clearly note all the problems the customer wants corrected. Service walkaround sheets also provide a place where the specific details of the problem can be noted so it can be diagnosed and fixed correctly the first time the customer visits.

The fact is that if you operate any type of business that involves taking control of a customers car then you should be using walkaround worksheets every time a customer drops their vehicle off. A minor dent repair today will cost $75 to $150 dollars. Those expenses can add up very quickly if you are not noting damage to customers vehicles to prevent damage claims. 

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