Are You Equipped with These Auto Shop Supplies?

Prop 65 stickers, inspection window stickers, no smoking stickers and no smoking key fobs are essential auto shop supplies to keep on hand. Whether you’re trying to communicate with customers or staff members, these convenient products will ensure streamlined operations within your business. 

Here’s an overview of each item: 

No Smoking Key Fobs and Stickers

Courtesy cars play a valuable role in ensuring convenience and customer satisfaction while their vehicles are being serviced. It’s essential to keep loaner cars in prime condition so each driver has a comfortable experience on the road. No smoking stickers and key fobs provide two points of contact to remind clients that they are using a smoke-free vehicle, and to be courteous to both the shop and future drivers. 

Gam Enterprises’ no smoking stickers are two inches in diameter with a clear, adhesive background to easily stick to a car window. Our key fobs fit perfectly on key rings, with no smoking symbols printed on either side for ultimate visibility. Both products come in packs of 100. 

Prop 65 Sticker 

Businesses are required by law to provide warnings about significant exposure to harmful chemicals— like the ones found in automotive vehicles. Prop 65 window stickers are one of the most essential auto shop supplies to ensure compliance with California laws. Establishments that fail to provide warnings could face costly fees as high as $2,500 per violation, per day. 

It’s essential to have these warnings on-hand in your shop— Gam’s prop 65 sticker is face-adhesive and easily affixes to the bottom corner of the driver’s side window. Like our no smoking key fobs and stickers, they also come in packs of 100. 

Pre-Delivery Inspection Window Sticker

The pre-delivery inspection process ensures that vehicles are purchased in optimal condition. A dealership technician must inspect a vehicle for any potential defects before selling it to the potential owner. P.D.I stickers let staff members and customers know that the vehicle has been examined closely and is ready for a safe purchase. 

Gam’s P.D.I stickers are highly visible, with a fluorescent orange background and adhesive strips on the front side to mount to the inside of a vehicle. They come in packs of 250.  

Shop Gam’s Auto Shop Supplies 

Whether you’re looking for a prop 65 sticker, no smoking key fobs, pre-delivery inspection window stickers or any other automotive item, Gam Enterprises has the high-quality, ultra-convenient products you’re looking for. 

Shop our entire collection of automotive products. 

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