The Convenience of Our Roof Topper Storage Rack

Gam Enterprises’ roof topper storage rack provides a convenient organization system to accommodate a number of our exclusive car identification products

Here are the convenient features of our storage rack: 

Organize Your Car Identification Products 

We all know the importance of organization within any business, and the automotive industry is no exception. Coordination increases productivity and overall efficiency within a shop, which is why we’ve created a convenient system to organize our car roof toppers and their corresponding plastic flags and key paddles.  

Features of Our Roof Topper Storage Rack

Our functional roof topper organization rack has precisely sized storage on the top to accommodate our car roof toppers and slots on the sides to host plastic flags, key paddles, or any additional cards, notepads, etc. Inside, there’s a utility shelf that can be used for any additional storage, and the entire rack mounts easily to any wall. 

Made of Durable Materials 

Like all of our auto shop supplies, our roof topper rack is built to last. It’s constructed from durable sheet metal and powder coated with a rust-proof industrial finish. It’s weather and wear resistant and will last no matter the usage or location. 

About Our Car Roof Toppers and Accessories 

Our car roof toppers are one of our signature car identification products, used to easily recognize vehicles and/or identify specific issues or information relating to a car. They’re three-sided for easy recognition and can accommodate up to three highly visible plastic flags. They can also be matched with a number of additional car identification products that enhance efficiency. 

Shop Gam’s Roof Topper Storage Rack 

Gam Enterprises makes exclusive, durable and long-lasting storage products for the automotive industry. These items offer the ultimate storage solutions to enhance organization and streamline operations in any automotive facility. 

Shop our roof topper storage rack or view our entire collection of products. 

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