Automotive Service Supplies Every Repair Shop Needs on Hand

Gam Enterprises boasts a wide range of over 100 automotive service supplies which dealerships, repair shops, and car rental companies use for various purposes— we have both best sellers and products for niche uses.

These items make day-to-day tasks efficient and organized. Here are some of the products that will help your dealership, repair shop or rental company operate more efficiently.

Vehicle Walkaround Worksheets

If a car is coming in from a service or repair work, the last thing any business wants is to damage the customers' car on the job. Vehicle walkaround worksheets are an important element of servicing a vehicle because they help keep track of scratches and damage that already exist on the vehicle, so that both you and the customer are aware and accountable. 

Fender Covers

Automotive service supplies also include preventative equipment such as fender covers. These are great products that allow mechanics to work with peace of mind and avoid damaging customers' cars. 

You can choose between a magnetic lip cover or the traditional "throw over," both with tough vinyl surfaces that are resistant to gasoline, grease, oil and most solvents. 

Service Reminder Sticker

Consistency is key with maintaining a car, which is why you want to make sure that your customers don’t forget future services. A service reminder sticker is one of the most popular automotive service supplies we offer. Not only does it remind the customer when they should service their vehicle, custom service reminder stickers also ensure your repair facility is the first one they think about taking their vehicle for the next service.

Gam Enterprises’ Automotive Service Supplies 

Our automotive service supplies are beneficial for the repair shop, employees and customers. Communication and efficiency can be improved by something as simple as a form or window sticker. Optimize your repair shop with our automotive service supplies.

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