Floor Mats, Seat Covers, and Steering Wheel Covers Should Always Be Used

Adhesive-backed plastic floor mats, steering wheel covers and seat covers help you protect your customers' cars and prevent your technicians, lot porters, and service writers from getting customers' vehicles dirty. These car protection products also let your customers know you care about their vehicle and show you are the type of business they provide the level of service they expect.

Adhesive-Backed Plastic Floor Mats 

Adhesive-backed plastic floor mats are an excellent choice for loaner vehicles or vehicles on the sales lot because they have longevity. With adhesive-backed plastic floor mats, the interior floors are protected from coarse dirt and bacteria brought from the outdoors— they are also easy to keep clean without compromising the genuine interior floor.

Plastic Seat Covers

Along with the floor, seats require protection. Plastic seat covers made of high-quality, long-lasting materials can fortify all dirt, spills, and mess from the material. This is the option many car dealerships take to avoid extra detailing costs and upset customers.

Elastic Steering Wheel Covers

Elastic steering wheel covers protect your customers' vehicles from dirt and grease and provide a perfect fit around the steering wheel, which makes the vehicle easier to operate with the steering wheel cover on. These plastic steering wheel covers are perfect for vehicles that need to be taken on test drives.

Plastic Steering Wheel Slip Covers

Steering wheel slip-covers prevent the steering wheel from getting dirty and prevent technicians in the repair shop from having to use a new pair of disposable gloves every time they get in the vehicle. These are great for quick repairs like oil changes. 

Quality Products from Gam Enterprises

Our products, from plastic floor mats to steering wheel covers, can make a difference to your employees’ and customers’ experiences. Stains, spills, germs, and dirt can be avoided entirely with the right protective car products.

See our collection here.

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