Automotive Service Supplies that Increase Efficiency and Revenue

When it comes to increasing the efficiency and overall revenue of your car dealership or auto repair facility automotive service supplies are not usually the first thing that come to mind.

Most owners and managers think of modifying procedures or increasing marketing spend but the supplies that your auto repair facility has to work with are just as if not more important. Here are a few items every auto repair facility should always have on hand.

Early Bird Envelopes 

Early bird envelopes theoretically allow you to increase your operating hours without having to actually be open the additional hours. Customers today don't necessarily have traditional schedules. Any auto repair facility that is not being as flexible as they can be to accommodate customers with less than ordinary hours is missing out on large amount of potential business.

There's no better way to do this than to let your customers drop their car off before you open! 

Service Reminder Stickers

Service reminder stickers are another great way to retain existing customers and gain new customers. Although service reminder stickers are not as obvious as custom license plate frames and license plate inserts, they do subtly remind existing customers to return to your service department.

Custom service reminder stickers are also sometimes noticed by the people riding in your customers car and might lead to a potential new customer for your car dealership.

Keep your name in front of your customers by placing a service reminder sticker in the corner of their windshield!

Magnetic Car Hats

Magnetic car hats allow you to easily monitor and process work flow within your auto body shop or car dealership. Magnetic roof toppers stick to the top of the vehicle and display numbers, letters or custom messages. Magnetic car hats are three-sided so that the content can be seen from any angle. Magnetic roof toppers are available in a variety of colors to better draw attention and keep track of specific auto repair jobs. 

Gam Enterprises carries a full-line of items that can help you promote your car dealership or repair facility. If your business needs any of these items visit our website!

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