Floor Mats Increase Customer Satisfaction & Business

Standard Paper Floor Mats

Show customers you really care by using our standard paper floor mats so when the time they step foot in their car after a service they are thanked and reminded to please drive safely.

Custom Paper Floor Mats

Custom paper car floor mats highlight your brand and show your customers you work hard to protect their vehicle. Keep your customers car floors clean and safe while being serviced.

Put your name in every car serviced by personalizing your paper floor mats! We can print your company name and logo in any color. Supply your own art or have us design it for you.

Poly-Backed Paper Floor Mats

If you are looking for extra protection poly-backed floor mats are perfect. Liquids and grease absorb into the thick paper layer but will not penetrate through the plastic barrier, and the floor mat will not lose its strength!

Adhesive-Backed Plastic Floor Mats / Runner

Adhesive-backed plastic floor mats are an excellent choice for loaner vehicles or vehicles on the sales lot because they have longevity. With adhesive-backed plastic floor mats, the interior floors are protected from coarse dirt and bacteria brought from the outdoors— they are also easy to keep clean without compromising the genuine interior floor.

Quality Products from Gam Enterprises

Our products, from paper floor mats to steering wheel covers, can make a difference to your employees’ and customers’ experiences. Stains, spills, germs, and dirt can be avoided entirely with the right protective car products.

See our collection here.

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