Do Sales Incentive Game Boards Work?

Sales incentive game boards can be particularly effective in the automotive industry, where teams are often tasked with meeting specific selling goals and targets. Games like Snooper Booster, Pot O' Gold and Creative Cash Board are especially popular in the industry— but do they work? 

Why Sales Incentives Are an Effective Tool 

Sales incentive games are popular in the sales industry because they provide a fun and engaging way to motivate sales teams to achieve their goals and improve their overall performance. They effectively provide clear objectives, stimulate competition within a team and provide recognition for top performers.

One study by the Incentive Research Foundation found that companies that implemented sales incentive programs saw an average revenue increase of 22% compared to those that did not. While it's difficult to determine exactly how much sales incentive games can increase revenue, there is evidence to suggest that well-designed incentive programs, including games, can have a significant impact on sales results.

Sales Incentive Game Boards in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, sales incentive game boards can be designed in a variety of ways. Games like Snooper Booster, Pot O' Gold and Creative Cash Board offer monetary incentives, whereas Winner’s Circle uses monetary and/or create-your-own incentives. 

Salespeople can be motivated with cash bonuses, gift cards or other rewards for meeting or exceeding their sales targets. In some cases, salespeople may also be offered special rewards, such as the opportunity to test drive a new model or attend an exclusive industry event.

Overall, the goal of sales incentive game boards in the automotive industry is to drive sales performance and improve the overall success of the business. By setting clear sales goals and offering meaningful incentives, dealerships can motivate their sales teams to achieve their best results and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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