The Benefits of Color-Matching Plastic Key Paddles with Plastic Mirror Hangers

Color-coding automotive service products like plastic mirror hangers and plastic key paddles is an effective way to create a simplified identification system in your business. 

Here are the benefits of color-coding these auto service supplies: 

Quick and Easy Identification

Shops are often servicing dozens of cars per day, which means that your team needs to be able to quickly match a customer’s vehicles to their keys. Color-coding car identification products for each team enables you to easily recognize which set of keys belongs to which vehicle within your color servicing team— these bright products make the process seamless with just one glance. 

Improved Organization

Color coding can also help to improve organization, especially in busy or high-volume environments such as auto shops or car dealerships. By using color coding our plastic key paddles and plastic mirror hangers, it becomes easier to manage inventory and reduce errors.

Cost-Effective Solutions 

Gam’s affordable and durable automotive service products are made out of sturdy plastic that’s highly resistant to wear and tear, even in the most strenuous settings. We maintain the highest standards in the design and construction of our products and the materials we use, which guarantees the extended life of these items. 

About Our Plastic Key Paddles and Plastic Mirror Hangers

Our key paddles are oversized, making them easy to locate and hard to misplace. Each paddle includes a key ring— you can select from 15 colors, which coincide with our mirror hangers and magnetic car roof toppers, and your choice of printed decal. 

Our mirror hangers also come in 15 colors and are designed with clips to easily hold repair order envelopes. Like with our key paddles, you can choose from a wide variety of printed decal options. Every one of our auto service supplies is built to last, and many can be matched or used with other products. 

Shop Gam’s Automotive Service Products 

Gam Enterprises is known throughout the industry as a top-quality manufacturer and distributor of sales and auto service supplies. We have the largest selection of car identification products available, many of which can be color-matched to various other items. 

Shop our entire collection of car identification products. 

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