How Roof Toppers Can Help Your Dealership

Every dealership wants to have the best service department in town, and what better way to stand out than with having the best customer reviews? The primary factors in almost all customer reviews for dealerships are having the vehicle fixed correctly the first time and getting their vehicles back as soon as possible.

Roof toppers are durable items for the roof of a car that can help your technicians and porters easily identify the car on the lot that they are working on next. Here's how a small item can make a big difference in your customer reviews:

Vehicles are Easy to Spot

It can be difficult for technicians or porters to find the vehicle they are looking for at first glance, but with roof toppers they can easily identify the vehicle on the repair order.

This helps reduce overall ticket times and allows technicians to maximize their flat rate potential. But most importantly, it gets customers back in their vehicles faster, therefore creating better reviews for your service department.

More dealerships have multiple service writers with a designated team of technicians. Different colored magnetic roof toppers can be used to identify a specific service writer’s vehicle, and allows the technicians on that service writer’s team to easily identify the vehicles that need to be serviced.

As an alternative, dealerships can also benefit from using plastic mirror hangers or paper mirror hang tags. Sometimes all that is needed is assigning different number sequences for each service writer team. Roof toppers and mirror hangers can also be used to identify vehicles that need special attention, like a quick service or an oil change.

Roof Toppers with Special Messaging

Special messaging roof toppers can be used to alert technicians if a customer is waiting for the vehicle, not to start a vehicle, if the brakes are inoperative, etc., or you can even create custom messaging with our dry erase decals affixed to magnetic roof toppers or plastic flags that are inserted into the roof toppers.

Types of Roof Toppers

We offer a range of roof toppers to fit your needs. Sort your cars by color or use numbered roof toppers, get custom decals, or try a dry erase roof topper and create your own messaging. Check the whole range of roof toppers and other car identification products here!

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