Different Uses for Key Tags

Ensuring you can find the correct set of keys quickly is important to all sorts of businesses. Key tags are used by car dealerships, auto repair shops, car rental companies, valet companies and more. All these businesses depend on key tags in one way or another.

Car Dealership & Auto Repair Shop Key Tags

Dealerships use key tags in both their sales and service departments. In the sales department, plastic stock tags or Versa-Tags key tags are often used to keep track of the keys for all the vehicles on the lot. Colored plastic stock tags can be used to easily identify new vehicles, used vehicles, or sedans from SUV's.

In the service department slip lock key tags or plastic key paddles allow technicians to quickly find the set of keys they need for the next vehicle they are working on, thus increasing their flat rate potential, and therefore increasing the service departments overall revenue. The same applies to independent auto repair facilities.

In the parts department paper stock tags are frequently used to identify specific parts for inventory or to flag parts to be returned to manufacturers.

Car Rental Company Key Tags

Key tags are regularly used in car rental companies and valet companies. Both of these businesses use key tags for the same purpose - to keep keys organized.

Car rental companies most commonly use clear hard plastic key tags because of their durability. Hard plastic key tags are great for long term use. Clear see-through hard plastic key tags are resistant to breakage. They securely house a paper insert that slides out for easy writing. 

Gam Enterprises carries a full-line of key tags for all sorts of uses. 

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