Key Organization Products for the Automotive Industry

As with any business, coordination and organization are essential to efficiency within an automotive service or repair shop. Products like Gam Enterprises’ key boards and key box help arrange keys in an orderly fashion and make them easily identifiable. 

Here’s more about our key organization products: 

Key Boards 

Gam’s key boards are made with a high-quality steel-reinforced vinyl edging to ensure durability. A convenient handle allows for easy transfer, while the brass-plated safety hooks prevent keys from falling off. Each hook is numbered for simplified organization. 

We offer options for 32, 38, 55, 75 or 105 hooks— select the best item depending on the size of your shop and the number of customers you service. 

Key Box 

Our key box is constructed of embossed steel with a platinum finish for ultimate resilience. The door is securely attached with a full-length piano hinge and slotted for easy wall mounting. The wafer tumbler lock comes with two keys included.  

You can purchase our standard key box (28 hook) or check out a number of our larger key cabinets, ranging from 60 to 240 hooks.  

The Benefits of Organization in the Automotive Industry 

Organization should be a priority in your automotive service or repair shop— it’s been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and streamline operations for any business.

It’s easy to slip into inefficient practices, especially when you’re working in a shop setting with so many moving parts, but simplifying the process with organization products can work wonders for overall productivity. 

Gam Enterprises

Gam Enterprises manufactures and distributes service supplies throughout the automotive industry. We offer a complete line of well-known products that promote efficiency and ensure optimal organization within a business. 

All of our products like our key box, protection items and more are made with the highest-quality materials and production methods available. Check out our entire collection of products. 

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