Car Roof Toppers Explained

Car roof toppers are one of Gam Enterprises’ signature car identification products. Here’s everything you need to know about our 3-sided roof toppers: 

General Purpose

Our roof toppers or “magnetic car hats” are used by  for those in the automotive industry to easily recognize vehicles and/or identify specific issues or information relating to a vehicle. They’re used by a variety of repair shops, dealerships and rental companies, but the type of car hat you use depends on the size, type and location of your facility, and what you want to accomplish with them. 

All of our toppers are made of durable plastic, 3-sided, accommodate 3 flags and come in 15 different colors. Here’s a rundown of the different variations available: 

Complete Car Roof Toppers 

Complete car hats come with your choice of decals (numbers, slogans or dry erase) and strong, covered magnets. They attach and detach easily from the top of a vehicle. They’re perfect for displaying and monitoring different workflows within your body shop or dealership, and the color variations and decals make it seamless to categorize and identify a vehicle’s progress. 

No Magnets 

Although we find that our complete roof toppers offer the most convenience for a majority of facilities, a no-magnet roof topper provides all of the traits of the complete toppers, without magnets. These will often be used in warehouses for inventory control. 

No Decals 

Our 3-sided roof toppers with no decal are used in a variety of settings that only require color-coding to identify a vehicle’s status. Like the complete car hats, they’ll have three covered magnets for easy placement and removal with no damage to the vehicle. 

Shop Gam’s Car Roof Toppers 

Our car hats can be paired with a number of our car identification products for immediate, color-coded recognition. Each topper is durable and made to withstand extreme weather and conditions. 

Shop our entire collection of car identification products. 

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