Magnetic Car Hats & Roof Toppers | Which Type is Right for Your Business?

The Different Uses for Magnetic Car Hats and Car Roof Toppers

There are a large variety of car roof toppers and magnetic car hats to fit the needs of almost any automotive service facility. Roof toppers allow you to sort your cars by color or you can use numbered roof toppers, get custom decals, or even try a dry erase roof topper and create your own messaging!

Magnetic Car Hats

Magnetic car hats allow you to easily monitor and process work flow within your auto body shop or car dealership. Magnetic roof toppers stick to the top of the vehicle and display numbers, letters or custom messages. Magnetic car hats are three-sided so that the content can be seen from any angle. Magnetic roof toppers are available in a variety of colors to better draw attention and keep track of specific auto repair jobs. 

Roof Toppers with Special Messaging

Special messaging roof toppers can be used to alert technicians if a customer is waiting for the vehicle, not to start a vehicle, if the brakes are inoperative, etc., or you can even create custom messaging with our dry erase decals affixed to magnetic roof toppers or plastic flags that are inserted into the roof toppers.

Car Roof Toppers with Decals

Sometimes colors are not enough but you do not need a custom message. This is where car roof toppers with decals are the perfect choice.  These roof toppers are perfect if you need to display a specific time the vehicle needs to be completed by. Or if you need to let you service staff know that a vehicle should not be started. 

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