Car Roof Toppers | The Different Types

Roof toppers are used by a variety of car repair shops, dealerships and car rental companies. Not only does the type of facility you operate dictate what type of roof topper is right for your business, so do other factors like the location and size of your facility.

Magnetic Roof Toppers

Magnetic roof toppers allow you to easily monitor and process work flow within your auto body shop or car dealership. Magnetic roof toppers stick to the top of the vehicle and display numbers, letters or custom messages. Magnetic car hats are three-sided so that the content can be seen from any angle. Magnetic roof toppers are available in a variety of colors to better draw attention and keep track of specific auto repair jobs. 

Colored Roof Toppers

Colored roof toppers are three-sided and sit on the roof top. They make it easy to locate vehicles from all angles. Colored roof toppers allow you to easily mark vehicles for the services that need to be done. If something like an oil change needs to be done right away because the customer is waiting, a specific color of roof topper can be used to identify "customer waiting vehicles". Another common use for colored roof toppers is for lot porters to easily identify vehicles that are finished being services and need to be washed or brought to the customer. 

Roof Toppers with Decals

Sometimes colors are not enough and you need a roof topper that actually displays a message. This is where roof toppers with decals are the perfect choice.  These car hats are perfect if you need to display a specific time the vehicle needs to be completed by. Or if you need to let your service staff know that a vehicle should not be started. 

At Gam Enterprises, we offer a complete line of car identification products, car protection products, forms, sales incentive game boards, storage systems, sales aids, and more. We’re dedicated to offering top quality products, service and solutions so you can operate your business more effectively.

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