Pair These 4 Auto Service Supplies for Optimal Organization

In the fast-paced and dynamic automotive sector, the importance of organization cannot be overstated. Efficient organization is the cornerstone of success, enabling automotive service providers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, optimize resource utilization, minimize downtime and maintain a competitive edge. Here are four storage systems that help you accomplish just that: 

Combo Storage Rack

Gam Enterprises’ all-in-one storage rack enables ultimate organization for daily-use car protection products like seat covers, tire bags, plastic floor mats and parts bags. The extra large shelf can hold a number of other car protection or identification items. This heavy-duty storage rack can act as the framework for a condensed organization system. 

Repair Order Wall Rack

Our hanging wall rack is made of 24 gauge steel to ensure longevity no matter how demanding the environment. It comes with 12 pockets perfect for storing repair orders or other important documents. Hang this document rack above our standing combo storage rack to optimize storage space in your shop. 

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Floor Mat Box 

Gam’s floor mat box is made with the same durability as all of our organization products, with powder-coated sheet metal and a rustproof industrial finish. It holds up to 1,000 standard floor mats, and can stand on its own or be mounted on a wall— utilize this with the combo storage rack and repair order wall rack for enhanced organization. 

Roof Topper Storage Rack

With the ability to be wall-mounted or stand on its own, our functional storage rack helps organize magnetic roof toppers, plastic flags, key paddles, cards and any additional supplies that fit on the shelf. 

Gam’s Auto Service Supplies 

Gam Enterprises’ products are intended to work in cohesion— with our combo storage rack as the base and our mountable storage racks positioned above, your business can experience streamlined operations and ultimate efficiency. 

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