3 Essential Automotive Service Products for Ultimate Car Protection

Car protection products are essential in the automotive industry to ensure that technicians protect the vehicle and its parts, and regulate the dispersion of grease, grime and other deposits. Steering wheel slip covers, tire bags and parts bags are three automotive service products every business needs. 

Here’s why: 

Plastic Steering Wheel Cover

Slip covers protect the entire steering wheel with a thick layer of plastic that prevents germs and grease from depositing while technicians are handling the vehicle.

Easily applied and removed, these convenient car protection products provide a simple method to ensure your customer’s vehicles remain in optimal condition while being serviced. 

Tire Bags

These automotive service products are a useful tool in the industry for protecting and organizing tires. They can help shield tires from environmental factors such as sunlight, dust and moisture during storage or transportation. This can help prolong the life of the tire by preventing damage.

These heavy-duty bags can also help keep tires organized and easy to identify. For example, if a service center has multiple sets of tires for different vehicles, the bags can be labeled with the make and model of the vehicle to make it easy to find the right set. When customers want to hang onto their old tire as spare parts or proof of condition, they can easily carry and transport them out with tire bags.

Parts Bags 

Similar to tire bags, parts bags are used in the automotive industry for the storage, transport and organization of various automotive parts and components. These automotive service products can help keep small parts organized and easy to find, while also ensuring that the grease from these parts isn’t dispersing into the vehicle or surrounding areas. 

These bags provide a barrier between the part or component and the outside environment. This can help prevent damaging elements from coming into contact with the part, and can also help prevent grease from spreading to other parts or surfaces.

Shop Gam Enterprise's Automotive Service Products 

Gam Enterprises has a variety of heavy-duty and high-quality plastic steering wheel covers, tire and parts bags and other essential car protection products. 

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