Sales Incentive Games That Work: Snooper Booster, Creative Cash Board and More

Gam Enterprises has a variety of sales incentive game boards available to motivate your whole team, including our widely-used Snooper Booster and Creative Cash Board. 

Here’s how they work: 

Snooper Booster and Creative Cash Board

Among Gam’s endless collection of auto service supplies, our sales incentive game boards have proven effective in motivating the whole team, from technicians to salespeople. Using monetary awards as the objective, employees earn a pull from the board as a “bonus” and write their name on the corresponding pull tab number. 

After all of the tabs have been pulled, the “gold seal” tab is removed to reveal the jackpot pull tab number— the employee with the matching number wins the bonus, determined beforehand by the manager. The more bonus tabs an employee receives, the higher their likelihood of obtaining the jackpot. 

Additional Sales Games Exclusively from Gam 

Our additional game boards include Pot O’ Gold and Winner’s Circle. While Pot O’ Gold works similarly to Snooper Booster and Creative Cash Board, Winner’s Circle can be used for individual and team incentives. 

Individual awards will accumulate to help the whole team earn a Grand Prize, determined by the manager. An employee earns an award as a “bonus,” and will place a race car sticker with their name onto the board. The first team to cross the finish line with the most awards earns a trip to the Winner’s Circle for the grand prize! 

Employees earn prizes individually for getting their names on the board and will ultimately work together for the Grand Prize. This is a great method for peer-to-peer motivation as well as inspiring individual success. 

Shop Our Collection of Auto Service Supplies  

Increase productivity and motivate your staff with Gam’s collection of game boards. You can also view our selection of auto service supplies intended to streamline operations in the automotive industry. 

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