Why an Updated Buyers Guide Is Essential for Dealerships

The Federal Trade Commission requires California dealers to attach a Buyers Guide to every used car they’re attempting to sell. The guide will inform potential customers of the warranty information, vehicle history and inspection details, providing a written overview displayed in plain view. 

Here’s why this documentation is essential for dealerships:

Important Information Included 

The guide will include vehicle, dealer and warranty information for customers. This will cover any major mechanical or electrical issues, whether the vehicle is being sold “as is” or with a warranty, the conditions of the warranty, inspection details and any other imperative documentation the dealership needs to remain in compliance with the FTC. 

Preparing your Buyers Guide should be a top priority within your business. Not only will you develop a positive reputation among customers, but you’ll also ensure that your dealership isn’t being flagged by the FTC. Make sure your guides are up-to-date with current regulations.  

Keeping the FTC at Arm’s Length 

Posting updated guides on pre-owned vehicles provides transparency for any essential information that comes with the car, whether it’s from the dealer, previous owner or the manufacturer. Regulators will notice missing documentation or information right away when conducting inspections— if your guides aren’t updated, they can flag you for compliance issues. 

They’ll be looking for missing information or inconsistencies that can lead to costly fines or misrepresentation claims from customers. In FTC enforcement actions, dealers found in violation of the Used Car Rule can pay fines higher than $40,000 per violation

Gam Enterprises’ Buyers Guide

Gam Enterprises is your leading source for all automotive service and sales supplies. Our collection of buyers guides is updated according to federal law and available “as is” or with implied warranties. 

The 8.5”x11” come in either a one-part pressure sensitive form or 2-part NCR. Both formats affix comfortably to the inside of the vehicle window. View our collection or contact us for more information. 
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