Different Types of Window Stickers Used in Car Dealerships and Automotive Shops

There is a lot going on in automotive shops and car dealerships, so it’s wise to have window stickers that can effectively communicate important information to increase efficiency and overall revenue.

Gam specializes in the best car identification products including dealership and auto repair shop window stickers such as smog check window stickers, service reminder window stickers, safety window stickers and more.

Service Reminder Window Stickers Help Increase Service Department Revenue

Service reminder window stickers help increase business by reminding the customer when their next service is due. Typically, these window stickers state the date or the mileage when the next service is due. Gam's personalized branded service reminder window stickers ensure your customer is reminded to schedule their next service at your shop instead of the competition.

Easily Identify Important Information with Safety Window Stickers

Inspection window window stickers are useful to show that a vehicle has undergone safety checks, smog checks, and/or pre-delivery inspection checks. These window stickers are necessary signs for the workers in the shop and customers looking to buy a car. They are highly visible and long-lasting.

Automotive window stickers can be useful to identify a customer's car, a car for sale or a rental car. Gam has a range of numbered window stickers with the corresponding numbers on key stickers. These high-quality, made-to-last window stickers are durable and fade-resistant. See the versa tags or combo I.D. stickers, both with matching key tags.

Window stickers with no-smoking warnings or legal warnings are also available. Gam Enterprises’ no-smoking sticker is a useful gentle reminder when affixed to a visible place inside a rental vehicle, like a window or dashboard. The Prop 65 sticker, in compliance with Californian regulations, is also available.

Shop Gam Enterprises' Window Stickers

Whatever information your shop needs to identify, Gam Enterprises has the product for you. Check out our whole selection here.+

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