What Car Roof Toppers Should You Buy?

Depending on your business and usage, each different variation of our colored car roof toppers can serve distinct purposes. Consider how your shop or dealership would function best with the following options: 

Complete Magnetic Car Hats with Decals

Our complete toppers can accommodate up to three plastic flags and have covered magnets that attach (and detach) easily to any vehicle without causing damage or coming in direct contact with the paint. Customize the three faces from 30 different decal options, including numbers, dry erase and other typical automotive messages. 

With 15 different colors to choose from, you have the option to match the magnetic car roof toppers to a number of our other car identification products like our key paddles, stock tags, slip-lock key tags, and more. Color matching multiple products can help streamline organization and identification in a shop or dealership. 

Additional Variations of Our Colored Roof Toppers 

While we often find that our completed magnetic car hats offer the most convenience, some customers prefer their toppers with no magnets (e.g. for warehouse inventory control purposes) or decals (or one without the other). If you opt for plain roof toppers, you’ll receive the same durable quality and features, without any specific messages or mounting preferences. 

They come in the same matchable colors, but give you full control of the usage and customization. Some businesses prefer to utilize the decal with the dry erase “white board” feature we offer. Whatever you choose for your business, you can be assured that the quality of the product you receive from Gam Enterprises will be long lasting and offer an unmatched convenience.  

Explore Our Colored Car Roof Toppers 

Gam’s exclusive selection of car identification products is known to be the largest in the automotive business, with the widest array of both color coded and numbered products to fulfill any sales or service department needs. 

Shop our entire collection now.

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