The Best Ways to Keep Cars Organized at Your Business

There are many types of auto shop products that can improve the efficiency and increase the overall revenue of your business. One task that consistently absorbs your employees time is finding car keys.

Every type of business that deals with a large quantity of cars has this problem. A large car dealership or rental company with multiple lots sometimes has hundreds of cars on their lots, and employees need to be able to find the car they are looking for in as little time as possible. Even smaller shops that only have a few cars on their lots benefit from being able to easily find cars and the keys that belong to them.

Slip Lock Keys Tags

Slip lock key tags are practical and easy to use for customer keys control. Secure self-locking arrow shaped key tags that are easy to write on for identification and have a hole in tag to hang on a hook. These types of key tags are commonly color coded for departments or teams.

Magnetic Car Hats

Magnetic car hats allow you to easily monitor and process work flow within your auto body shop or car dealership. Magnetic roof toppers stick to the top of the vehicle and display numbers, letters or custom messages. Magnetic car hats are three-sided so that the content can be seen from any angle. Magnetic roof toppers are available in a variety of colors to better draw attention and keep track of specific auto repair jobs. 

Colored Paper Mirror Hang-Ons

Colored paper mirror hang-ons are made of environmentally-friendly disposable card stock. Colored hang-ons often come with a detachable key tag and claim check with corresponding control number on both sides of each. Colored mirror hangers come in different colors that allow you to easily identify vehicles. Mirror hangers are great for car repair facilities with several service writers and technicians that are sorted into teams.

Gam Enterprises carries a full-line of items that can help you promote your car dealership or repair facility. If your business needs any of these items visit our website!

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