Why You Should Provide Customers with an Early Bird Lock Box Option

If you’re committed to making your services as accessible as possible to customers, providing an early bird lock box option is a necessity. The convenient system allows you to service patrons outside of regular business hours. 

Here’s why this product is essential for your business: 

Convenience for Your Customers  

Especially in today’s versatile labor market, off-hour business is the norm for many. Providing an option for night drop or early bird access adds a convenient option so their schedule doesn’t deter them from utilizing your service department. They won’t have to wait in line or call out of work, they’ll be able to work around their own schedule while you work within yours. 

Keeping Up with the Competition 

Competition is tight in the automotive industry, so you need to cater to as many customers as possible— if you don’t offer off-hour options, your competitor likely will. Providing a secured early bird lock box with detailed instructions about how to complete their drop-off in a concise manner will attract and retain customers by showing that you’re willing to tend to their needs. 

Features of Our Early Bird Box 

Gam Enterprises’ multi-use early bird box provides a safe method to service your off-hour customers. Made of thick sheet metal and powder-coated with a smooth, rust-proof industrial finish, our exclusive early bird box offers everything your customers need for a simplified drop-off. 

Early bird envelopes are dispensed from a built-in envelope storage compartment with the option for standard or personalized envelopes (sold separately). The secure lid doubles as a writable countertop and the product is wall mountable for easy installation. 

Shop Early Bird Lock Box and More 

Gam is a manufacturer and distributor of top-quality auto shop supplies. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the design and construction of the products we create and the materials we use. 

Shop our early bird box or additional products today. 
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