Why Use Paper Floor Mats?

Paper floor mats are disposable, lightweight mats that are commonly used in the automotive industry to protect a vehicle's interior from dirt, grease and other debris during maintenance or repair work. Standard mats are made exclusively from paper, while poly-backed paper floor mats have a plastic barrier for extra protection. Both come in a standard size that fits most vehicles and are large enough to cover the majority of the floor.

These auto service supplies are essential in the industry— here’s why you should use them:

Protect the Car's Interior 

When a car is taken in for maintenance or repair work, technicians may need to get inside the car, and in doing so, they may accidentally transfer dirt, grease or other debris onto the car's floor. Using floor mats can prevent this from happening, protecting the car's interior from potential damage.


These auto service supplies are disposable, which means that they can be easily discarded after use. This makes them a convenient option for automotive businesses, as they don't have to worry about cleaning or reusing them.


Paper floor mats are a cost-effective option compared to other materials like rubber or carpet. They are also lightweight yet durable, which means that they are easy to store and transport. If you opt for poly-backed paper floor mats, there’s an extra layer of added protection.

Customer Satisfaction

Using floor mats can create a positive customer experience, improve satisfaction and lead to increased loyalty and referrals. The convenience of these hassle-free car protection products means that your customers can easily dispose of the mats without the need for cleaning or maintenance.

They can also make an automotive business appear more professional and organized. It shows that the business is taking steps to protect the customer's vehicle and demonstrates attention to detail. 

Order Standard or Poly-Backed Paper Floor Mats

Gam Enterprises offers top-quality standard or poly-backed floor mats, along with a number of other essential auto service supplies to help protect vehicles and increase customer satisfaction. 

Shop our collection of car protection products today. 

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