3 Essential Car Protection Products

Auto service supplies for vehicle protection are essential to keeping cars blemish-free and ensuring customer satisfaction. Technicians and staff members can unknowingly track dirt, grease and other elements into a car on their hands, shoes and clothing. 

That’s why it’s important to utilize car protection products:

Floor Mats

Disposable floor mats are quick to position and easy to remove. Liquids, grease dirt and grime can easily transfer into a car on staff members’ shoes, which is why it’s important to add a layer of protection on the floor. 

Depending on the usage and weather, standard paper floor mats can suffice. However, if a car will be undergoing more intensive services, your staff moves between jobs at a fast pace, or for inclement weather, poly-backed paper mats or adhesive-backed plastic floor mats might be necessary. 

Steering Wheel Covers

Even small amounts of grease or dirt can affect the look and feel of a steering wheel when it’s returned to a customer— auto service supplies like steering wheel slip covers or fitted elastic steering wheel covers can help mitigate that. 

For more intensive coverage, self-adhesive steering wheel wraps might be necessary. They’re environmentally friendly, offer 100% clean removal and can also be used to protect other parts of the vehicle like the stick shift. 

Seat Covers

Standard or heavy-duty seat covers should be used at all times. It’s impossible to know what kind of oil and grime staff members carry around on their clothing, and those stains can be difficult to remove, especially from cloth seats. 

Similar to plastic or paper floor mats, your selection for seat covers depends entirely on the usage, but our standard-weight, heavyweight and economy-weight plastic seat covers all eliminate slipping and sliding and resist tears and punctures. 

Auto Service Supplies for Car Protection

Gam Enterprises’ extensive collection of car protection products offers quality, convenience and affordability. Choose from our standard paper floor mats, poly-backed or plastic floor mats, steering wheel slip covers, elastic steering wheel covers, plastic seat covers and more.

Shop our collection to get started.   

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