The Variations of Gam's Key Tags and Stock Tags

Key tags and stock tags play an essential role in vehicle identification for automotive dealerships and service shops. 

Gam’s variations of color-coded products cater to different uses but ultimately help streamline operations. Here's how: 

Key Tags

Key tags are an essential way to match a set of keys to the correct vehicle in a shop or dealership. Gam’s plastic slip lock key tags are practical and easy to use for customer keys control when servicing their vehicles. They are available in 15 different colors and can be written on for identification, and can be matched with corresponding colored magnetic roof toppers.

For more detailed information, color-coded versa-tags key tags include spaces to fill in a vehicle’s license plate number, year, make, model, body, color and identify whether the car is new or used.

They’re durable, long-lasting and fade-resistant. Just fill in the information, fold over the self-protective clear adhesive laminate, and attach a key ring. They’re available in nine different colors, which you can mix and match with additional car identification products

Another alternative are clear hard plastic key tags, which are perfect for long-term use. A paper insert slides securely into the hard plastic case and comes attached to a metal key ring. 

Stock Tags

Plastic stock tags are perfect for any automotive identification needs. Fill in the stock number, year, make, model, color, license plate and vehicle identification number with the provided fine-print Sharpie, and choose from six colors to mix and match with additional Gam products like our magnetic roof toppers

They’re made of durable plastic and preprinted with all of the above categories labeled for immediate use. Metal key rings are also included. 

Our paper stock tags are ideal for any use in sales, service or parts departments. The heavy stock cards are blank to fill in any necessary information and can be paired with key rings or wire twist ties— they also come in six colors to mix and match with additional Gam products. 

Uses for Plastic Key Tags and Paper or Plastic Stock Tags

As with any paper or plastic variation of Gam products, you can select the item that best matches your needs— it depends entirely on the product’s usage and durability needs.  

Shop our slip lock key tagspaper stock tags, plastic stock tags or any of our additional car identification products.  

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