Gam's Car Roof Toppers and Their Benefits

Gam Enterprise has a collection of car identification products to help streamline operations in dealerships and service/repair shops. Our one-of-a-kind car roof toppers can be used to identify service teams, service points, and/or vehicles with any specific or general issues. 

But what exactly are they and what are their benefits? Here’s everything you need to know: 

What Are Roof Toppers?

Gam’s roof toppers or “magnetic car hats” are three-sided, color-coded plastic cones customizable to any automotive business’s needs. Convenient holes in the top of the hat accommodates up to three plastic flags to further specify the vehicle’s status. 

Our magnets are covered on the bottom so as not to scratch or damage the surface of cars. You can choose from our complete magnetic roof toppers with decals or select another configuration better suited to your needs (no magnets or no decals, etc). 

What Are the Benefits of Car Roof Toppers? 

There are a number of benefits to Gam’s roof toppers, including: 

  • Streamlined Identification: Our color-coded roof toppers are visible from every angle, and adding plastic flags allow for further specification. 

  • Customization: Choose from 15 hat colors and a variety of decal options (including numbers, times, slogans or dry-erase for any purpose).

  • Compatibility: You can match your roof toppers to a number of Gam’s additional car identification products, including our plastic key paddles, or plastic slip-lock key tags.

  • Affordability: We pride ourselves in offering the largest selection of products at prices accessible to any size business. 

Shop Car Roof Toppers and Identification Products

If you’re not sure which car hat is best suited to your needs, we address the different uses and variations in this article. It’s important to note, however, that our complete roof toppers attach and detach easily to vehicles without damaging paint and provide the maximum level of convenience and recognition. 

Shop our entire collection of car identification products, including our matchable plastic key paddles and plastic slip-lock key tags. 

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