Auto Service Supplies for Service and Repair Shop Protection

The automotive service industry exposes mechanics and vehicles to chemicals, greases and other harmful or defacing substances. Fortunately, there are a number of auto service supplies available to help mitigate exposure.

Here are essential supplies to protect technicians and vehicles: 

Nitrile Gloves 

Frequent and long-term contact with motor oils and other products common in the automotive industry can weaken skin and lead to dermatitis, blood anemia and even cancer. High-quality gloves help mechanics avoid direct exposure to potentially dangerous substances. They’ll also protect customer's vehicles from stains and contamination. 

Among Gam’s collection of auto service supplies, our nitrile gloves are powder-free, have greater abrasion resistance than latex gloves and are resistant against these harsh chemicals. They’re ambidextrous and come in large or extra large. 

Car Protection Products

There are also a number of car protection products available to protect customers’ vehicles against dirt and stains. Floor mats are essential to avoid dirt and grease being tracked from mechanic’s shoes. Depending on your shop’s usage, there are a number of options available, from basic floor mats to adhesive plastic mats. 

Mechanics often get unnoticed grime on their clothing— it’s usually unnoticed and virtually unavoidable in the industry. Using plastic seat covers helps avoid tracking stains and chemicals into a customer’s vehicle— Gam has options available for standard weight, economy weight and heavy weight covers. 

Despite the use of nitrile gloves, steering wheels are also vulnerable to unwanted substances. Steering wheel covers add an extra layer of protection to ensure non-exposure. Gam has steering wheel slipcovers, elastic steering wheel covers and steering wheel wraps for ultimate protection. 

Gam’s Automotive Service Supplies 

Gam Enterprises is a manufacturer and distributor of service and sales supplies to the automotive industry, with a complete line of car identification products, car protection products, forms, sales tools, storage supplies and more. 

We have nitrile gloves, paper floor mats, steering wheel covers and other protection products to prevent against vehicle and mechanic exposure.

Visit our website to shop our products. 

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