Is Your Sales Department Stocked Up for the Busy Season?

After a two-year shortage, dealerships nationwide are seeing a substantial increase in new inventory— is your sales department stocked up on PDI stickers, Buyers Guides and other necessary products? 

Here are some essential supplies to help prepare your business for the busy holiday season: 

Report of Sale (ROS) Stickers

ROS stickers are great tools to advertise your dealership. You can secure your customers’ temporary registration to the windshield with a custom-printed clear vinyl sticker that displays your dealership’s logo. Gam Enterprises’ report of sale stickers are printed with opaque color backing to reduce transparency— we can help you design your custom ROS stickers.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Stickers

A pre-delivery inspection is the last step taken before you can sell a car to a customer. A PDI window sticker is used to signify to both staff and potential customers that the car has been inspected and is ready for sale. Gam’s “PDI check okay” window stickers are made with highly visible fluorescent orange with adhesive strips on the front side to mount to the inside of the windshield. 

Buyers Guides 

The Federal Trade Commission requires California dealers to attach a Buyers Guide to every used car they’re attempting to sell. The guide will inform potential customers of the warranty information, vehicle history and inspection details, providing a written overview displayed in plain view. Select either "As Is" or "Implied Warranty" Buyers Guides. Both versions are available in 2-Part NCR or 1-Part Pressure Sensitive formats. 

Vehicle Get Ready Forms

The sales department uses vehicle get ready forms to provide necessary instructions to prepare vehicles for sale. Gam's forms have spaces to write in the vehicle information, instructions for necessary detailing or services and the promised delivery date for the vehicle. 

Shop Gam’s Products

Gam Enterprises has a selection of products available to help streamline operations in the sales department. Shop our entire collection today.  

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